Born and raised in Getxo, a coastal town part of Greater Bilbao, Spain 1975.

In 1994 she moved to San Francisco, California to pursue her interests in filmmaking.

She quickly found a foot in the film industry working as a film technician at Monaco Motion Picture Labs. After learning the craft of film printing she became a  Color Timer. In the meantime she studied at CCSF where she created her first Super 8  and 16mm  short films, showing an interest in rhythm, color, symbolism and metaphorical language.  Her films are distinguished by the ability to convey profound visual narratives, often without the use of words. 


In 1997 she moved to Barcelona where she continued her work as a film technician at the renown Foto Film Labs BCN, while developing an interest in digital cinematography in the nascent art of 3D animation. In 1998 she created the lighting and layout for the short animated film The Metamorphosis Part I which was awarded Best 3D short film at ART FUTURA in the same year’s edition.


In the year 2000 she moved back to San Francisco where she worked as a Digital Color Timer and Lighting Artist for some of the world’s top film and gaming studios – DreamWorks, The Orphanage and Electronic Arts. 

Her numerous CG lighting and color grading credits include A.I., Minority Report, Shrek, The Day After Tomorrow, James Bond: From Russia With Love, The Godfather, Tiger Woods PGA and Dead Space.

During this time she continued her image making exploration through analogue photography, painting and film making.


In 2008 she moved to Brooklyn, New York where she worked as a freelance color grading and VFX artist while focusing on her writing and directing projects.

Her short films have shown in the Gallatin Galleries NYU (NYC), FIVA V International Video Art Festival (Buenos Aires), Mix Flix Short Film Festival (Healdsburg, CA), Directed by Women BCN MD (Spain), 14th International Film Festival Signes de Nuit (Lisbon, Berlin, Paris), Cannes 2015 Short Film Corner (Cannes).


From 2016 until 2019 she wrote three feature scripts : Veracruz, Ona Sur and Cobai which are part of The Mexican Trilogy. She then partnered with producer Gabriela Gavica from Mandarina Cine in Mexico City where they embarked in the development of  Ona Sur

In 2018 the project was selected in the 7th Los Cabos International Film Festival  “Gabriel Figueroa Fund” films in development. The producer was awarded with Los Cabos Goes to Cannes producers network and that same year Ona Sur was selected for a spot in the  film market  Match Me! at the 72nd Locarno International Film Festival. 


After pursuing funds for her feature film, the 2019 pandemic took a stand still for co-productions and Begoña began a series of experimental video projects titled Vesiculars. These projects led to an interest in large scale acrylic abstract painting where she could pursue her passion for symbolism, mythological imagery, color exploration and geometric forms.


In 2022 she moved to Mexico City to continue her work as a painter. 

In 2024 she forms Grupo BREM, a four member artist's collective based in Mexico City- Begoña Colomar, Rodrigo Ayala, Eduardo Caamaño and Manuel Mugica. 


Begoña Colomar currently works in her art studio in the old downtown Historic District of Mexico City.